A Year In Pixels | 2.0
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Thank you for using A Year In Pixels!

This major update includes a complete redesign of the app which makes it more clean and modern.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribed to Premium please make sure to restore your purchase in settings!

New Features:

• All new main screen
• All new overview
• More intuitive subscription management
• 40 new colors to choose from for Premium users
• Better user interface for changing mood names and colors for Premium Users
• More reliable iCloud sync for Premium users
• Now there only is one Subscription model which includes all features and iCloud sync for the same price as the previous Subscription without iCloud
• Price of the All Features + iCloud Subscription automatically decreases to the new Subscription price
• Swipe to delete Diary Entries
• 3 App Icons to choose from for Premium users
• Bug fixes all over

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