A comparison of apps featuring the Year in Pixels chart.

In the search for the best Year in Pixels app, we’ve downloaded and tried a lot of different apps. One of the most important things is probably design & style. Just like there are unlimited ways of how to create a Year in Pixels chart by hand, there are probably unlimited ways to design an app for that. So, the screenshots are probably as important as other criteria. Find out what we have to say about Moodistory, A Year in Pixels, Moodflow and Moojo.


Moodistory is a mood tracking app that has actually 3 Year in Pixels charts: Two charts that look like classic calendar views (monthly / yearly), and one chart which is the typical Year in Pixels chart that we all know. Creating journal entries is easy: Swipe to set the mood, select from a (customizable) list of activities what you’ve been up to and enter any additional notes. The app also adds the location automatically if you want. You can create multiple entries per day – the average of a day will be displayed in the Year in Pixels chart.

Moodistory looks beautiful and has a Year in Pixels chart that you would most probably expect from an app. What we liked a lot was not just the great set of color palettes which you can customize. But the Year in Pixels chart is also interactive, meaning you can tap on any day and the app will zoom into that day where you can see all data entries that you’ve made. This is a great feature that we didn’t find in any other app. Also, it’s great that you can change the scale on which you set your daily mood. Moodistory comes with additional features such as analytics, reminders, PDF export, and even support for the Apple Watch (on iOS). A nice package that you get here.

Highly recommended – offers everything you need in a Year in Pixels app.

A Year in Pixels

The name says it all – A Year in Pixels is a mood tracking app that solely focuses on the Year in Pixels chart. You can set the mood per day by choosing the date, and selecting one out of 10 moods like ‘normal’, ‘good’, ‘busy’, ‘excited’. If you go for the Premium version, you can also add notes and customize the moods. You can also set a daily reminder.

A Year in Pixels looks nice and it’s look and feel reminds a lot of Apple’s default apps like the App Store and Calendar. While you can change the colors by selecting one out of hundreds of different colors, it wasn’t easy to find good color combinations. Would be nice if there was a feature for themes. Lacking any features that show statistics or similar, it feels more like a coloring book after some time. So, if you are looking for a very simple Year in Pixels app, this one might be for you.

Recommended if one entry per day – eventually with notes but nothing more – is all you need.


Moodflow is a mood tracking app that uses the Year in Pixels chart as the starting point. You add journal entries by tapping on one of the squares in the Year in Pixels chart. You can probably save anything that comes to your mind – mood, emotions, notes, pictures, location – you name it! It’s also possible to create multiple entries per day which, is nice. There’s features like daily challenges, stats, journal, reminders.

The app feels a bit like they tried to pack everything they could find into it. There are for example 4 different views to categorize emotions. Some screens look like they are overloaded with information. But overall, this is also a very nice app. One thing worth mentioning is that you cannot set the scale of your mood, so you are left with a total of 5 different moods/colors for your Year in Pixels chart.

Recommended for Android users who can work with the 5 predefined number of moods.


Moojo is a super minimalistic mood tracking app. The app goes straight to the point: the Year in Pixels chart. Besides the possibility to set up one reminder, you can’t do anything else than selecting exactly one mood per day that is then visualized in the Year in Pixels chart.

The look and feel of the app are quite nice and there are a lot of different moods to choose from. But we were missing a few things here: First and foremost the option to change the colors. Although there are a lot of predefined moods like ‘good’, ‘tired’, ‘relaxed’, it is not possible to assign specific colors. That’s a pity because the app is all about the Year in Pixels chart but there is no way to change the visualization. We were also missing the option to add our own moods, meaning you’re stuck with the default ones.

Only recommended if you really like the predefined colors and aren’t missing any additional mood. Probably an app that gets more interesting in the future.

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