Year in Pixels

What is a Year in Pixels?

A Year in Pixels chart is a beautiful method to visualize your mood in a colorful grid. The grid consists of months (horizontal) and day of the month (vertical). Each square (pixel) in this grid represents your (average) mood on a day. The resulting picture looks like a heavily zoomed-in photo in which you can see every single pixel (square). That’s why it is called Year in Pixels.

Year in Pixels explained

Year in Pixels printables

These premium printable templates come in different sizes & flavors. If you like them, please spread the word. If there’s anything missing or something you would like to add, please contact us.

Printable page size

8.27 x 11.69 in

210 x 297 mm
Suitable for Passion Planner L

Printable page size

6.9 x 9.8 in

176 x 250 mm
Suitable for Passion Planner M

Printable page size

5.8 x 8.3 in

148 x 210 mm
Suitable for 
Passion Planner S

Digital Year in Pixels

If you are more a kind of digital person, there are numerous ways to create a Year in Pixels on your phone or notebook.
Let’s call it eYear-in-Pixels, similar to an ebook.
An eYear-in-Pixels comes with pros and cons compared to its analogue version:


  • quick start – just download the app/program and start right away
  • usually easy to change colors, no matter how many days you have already added
  • usually come with a good selection of colors
  • easier to keep up to date, if it’s on your phone
  • usually provides a proven framework (e.g. mood scale) that you can use
  • many apps offer additional features such as reminders and statistics
  • no switch of medium if the app/program is on the same device as your eYear-in-Pixels
  • less effort


  • less personal as you are not hand-drawing it yourself
  • limited in terms of layout as you have to use what the app or program offers
  • less flexible in terms of mood scale – only some apps or programs allow you to change and set the mood scale yourself
  • privacy may be an issue – if you opt for an eYear-in-Pixels, pay close attention to the privacy policy!
Year in Pixels as shown in the App Moodistory.
Year in Pixels as shown in the App Moodistory.

It’s not necessarily an either-or question. You could even do both: Keep a digital version on your phone to have a detailed log of your mood and emotions over the day. And additionally, at the end of the day, enter the average mood into your analog version chart. This way, you have the best of both worlds.

If you want to try a digital Year in Pixels approach, take a look at the app Moodistory. It has an awesome introduction into mood tracking, supports mood tracking via Apple Watch, is highly customizable, looks beautiful, and respects your privacy by keeping all data on your phone.

We’ve also created an overview of apps featuring the Year in Pixels chart – read everything in our article: ‘Year in Pixels Apps‘.

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