Year in Pixels wall

Printables / A5

Download A5 Year in Pixels printables below! Select your preferred design and orientation (portrait or landscape).

Please note for the landscape versions that the grid is rotated by 90 degrees. It’s recommended to print both versions to see which one looks more appealing to you.

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Printable page size

5.8 x 8.3 in

210 x 297 mm
Suitable for Passion Planner S

Year 2023

Floral / Landscape*

Modern / Landscape*

Year 2022

Floral / Landscape*


Modern / Landscape*


Year 2021

Floral / Landscape*

Year in Pixels 2021 A5 Floral Landscape

Modern / Landscape*

Year in Pixels 2021 A4 Modern Landscape

Year 2020

Floral / Landscape*

Year in Pixels 2020 A5 Floral Landscape

Modern / Landscape*

Year in Pixels 2020 A5 Modern Landscape

* Landscape means that month and days of the month are rotated by 90 degrees – watch the month names and day numbers in the grid.

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